Live Events

From Vegas to theater and concerts, we understand the unique exposures of live events and have the expertise to provide the specialized coverages you need.


  • General liability
  • Excess - coverage may be purchased above the usual $1 million primary limit. Generally, coverage is provided for $5 million - $10 million, but higher limits may be quoted upon request.
  • Auto
  • Workers compensation for cast and crew not covered through a loan-out corporation.
  • Nonappearance and/or event cancellation

Theater company special coverages

We can provide a theater package policy that offers coverage for the unique exposure of theater companies including:

  • Actors equity coverage
  • Actors equity money and securities coverage
  • Third-party property damage liability coverage
  • Theatrical property coverage
  • Business income and extra expense as a result of delay or interruption of a performance.
  • Civil authority preventing access to a production facility

Limits can be provided up to $50 million.


Eligible classes include theatre, including Vegas shows and concerts, including promoters