Risk Control Services

Safety Promotes Profitability

In today’s competitive entertainment industry, time equals money. Even a one day interruption can come at a significant cost to a production or organization. That is why securing the proper insurance and implementing the right risk control strategies is important to minimizing these business interruptions and achieving success.

Our Focus

Our focus is on working with our customers in partnership to assess risks and develop effective risk control and safety strategies.  We understand the entertainment industry is very specialized,  requiring that risk and safety solutions be adapted to fit within operating budgets and the creative process.

Developing risk control solutions for our insured’s unique situations on a tailored and individual basis takes a broad range of expertise and entertainment industry knowledge. That’s what OneBeacon Entertainment Insurance® provides. We have a dedicated team of entertainment industry Risk Control consultants available and ready to help ensure your business and/or production operations proceed without incident or interruption.

Our Services

OneBeacon Risk Control can provide customized risk assessments and safety plans for the unique exposures affecting your organization. Our team is experienced in the implementation of flexible risk control solutions that will not encroach on the vision of your projects and business operations.