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Claims Reporting

For all the preparation, planning, strategy and management of every detail that makes up a reality tv show, a film, sporting event, rock concert or play, the fact is that the entertainment, sports and leisure industries have their unpredictable moments. In the event of a loss, you want a claims team with specialized expertise in the industry who is committed to protecting your operations, resolving your problems, and getting you up and running as soon as possible.

Our designated claims team understands the entertainment and sports and leisure industries and are fully qualified to handle the myriad of obstacles unique to these industries. OneBeacon Entertainment provides superior claims handling from an initial loss report to full resolution. From event cancellation or time element claims to injuries on the set or in the stands, we’re ready to help.

Reporting a Claim

  • By email: obe-claims@onebeacon.com
    To submit a claim via email, you’ll need to include an ACORD First Notice of Loss Form or similar form.

Remember to report only one claim per email. The sender’s email confirmation will serve as the acknowledgement that OneBeacon has received the claim.

  • By telephone: 877.248.3455

Our 24/7 Claims Call Center receives and processes claims. Claims phoned into the call center before 5 p.m. ET will be assigned a claim number immediately, and a copy of the information reported will be faxed to you on the same day.

  • By fax: 866.640.3487

Only one claim should be submitted per fax transmission. The sender’s fax receipt will serve as confirmation that OneBeacon has received the claim.