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Celebrities & Entertainers

Specialty coverage for celebrities - including actors, musicians, singers, live performers and more.

We can provide coverage for celebrities - anyone in the public eye well-known for their respective craft and/or talent - including actors, musicians, singers, live performers (e.g. magicians, sports personalities), television personalities, radio personalities, politicians and business leaders. Additionally, we also insure Shell/Loan Corporations established by a celebrity to manage expenses, payroll for staff and/or income.

Shell Corps

We can provide general liability, inland marine, including Electronic Data Processing (EDP), Third Party Property Damage (TPPD), auto, excess, E&O, Crime, Comprehensive Personal Liability Coverage (CPL), Work Comp for domestics and employees, Employee Benefits Liability (EBL).

We can offer coverage for primary and secondary residence, and for specialized vehicles such as, All Terrain vehicles or exotic or high value custom vehicles.


We provide “Stage back coverage” covering an artist for his/her exposures/ liability arising from their actions during a live performance. This does not provide coverage for four wall exposure as the promoter or venue is normally responsible for the audience. We can however provide that coverage through our Venue policies.

As with Shell Corporations the coverages we provide are as follows: General Liability, Inland Marine, including Electronic Data Processing (EDP), Third Party Property Damage (TPPD), auto, excess, E&O, Crime, Work Comp employees, Employee Benefits Liability (EBL).

Common Additional Coverage

  • Blanket Additional Insureds as required by contract
  • Waivers of Subrogation as required by contract
  • Pyro exposures, subject to Loss Control approval

Baby-Band Program

Our Baby Band program offers competitive rates on coverage for non-headlining acts, whether they are new to the industry or older acts now fading from the spotlight.

Professional Associations of Entertainers

We also offer competitive rates for associations including individual member liability, and equipment or property floaters for their props etc.

Product Forms

For supplemental applications and sample supplemental policies visit the Forms section.